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I am a full life-cycle ColdFusion web developer, metalhead, and proud father of two. dgibson.net is my personal site, blog, and portfolio.

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IE Doesn't Save Cookies For Domains w/ Underscores

posted Feb 15, 2012 at 07:48:40 PM by Doug Gibson.

After many hours of working with securing my cookies on a Mura CMS site for work, clearing cookies, closing the browser, repeat - I could not get Internet Explorer to log in to the staging site. The login form just reloaded, starting a new session each time. This behavior is something I've experienced before when my laptop is low on resources, but it didn't clear up even after closing other apps and finally rebooting.

The temporary production site did not have this problem, however, so I synced up the latest secure cookies code and the production site and everything worked as expected in IE. IE is very developer unfriendly for viewing cookies and headers, and I was recommended a tool called Fiddler for debugging the cookies in IE. Upon viewing the cookies in Fiddler, the software itself threw up a warning that read:

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SXSWi Day 5

posted Mar 24, 2011 at 11:25:23 AM by Doug Gibson.

Tuesday, March 15th marked the last day of SXSW Interactive. I got up bright and early to catch “Long After The Thrill: Sustaining Passionate Users” with Stephen Anderson was by far the highlight of SXSWi for me and I took more notes during that session than the previous four days combined. The gist of his talk centered around engaging users and sustaining users’ interests by intrinsic rewards instead of extrinsic rewards. Psychology was central to much of this talk and made it that much more interesting. The talk was actually a followup to last year’s talk that focused on making a game out of goals, which can easily lead down the path of focusing on extrinsic benefits.

Mr. Anderson's slide show presentation used some cards from getmentalnotes.com and he gave away sampler packs at the end of the session. They look like a great resource that I'd never heard of prior to this talk.

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SXSWi Day 4

posted Mar 22, 2011 at 11:47:32 PM by Doug Gibson.

After being out the previous night, I decided to sleep in and didn’t head out to any talks until 11am. The shuttles seemed scarce and I came into “5 Steps To Bulletproof UX Strategy” a little late. It was an interesting talk though, discussing how to create a user experience strategy via audit, define, plan, implement, measure (repeat). The example of the Vision Onesheet seemed like a useful addition to the design process as well.

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SXSWi Day 3

posted Mar 13, 2011 at 08:05:52 PM by Doug Gibson.

Day three (Sunday, March 13th) at SXSWi would be a long one. The days are hectic enough and I’d been pacing myself to last all ten days of SXSW by avoiding the night life thus far, but I decided to finally check out the famous 6th Street tonight. But until then, I had a slew of panels and talks to attend starting at 9:30am.

“Death of the Relational Database” was admittedly a sensational title (like many here) by Hank Williams of Kloudshare, but it was one of many talks relating to the newer distributed databases in the cloud. He admitted that relational databases are not dead, but perhaps “dying” slowly as the newer technologies become more viable and take hold in an area that has been the sole property of relational databases for 30+ years.

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SXSWi Day 2

posted Mar 12, 2011 at 11:52:27 PM by Doug Gibson.

Day two at SXSWi started with the unpleasant realization that the official SXSW shuttle service was entirely incapable of handling the capacity it needed to. Waiting for 40 minutes for the shuttle, there were already enough people to fill two vans by the time one arrived. They always say “there’s another one coming” to appease those waiting, but it’s not coming for another 30+ minutes in reality. But I was glad to have gotten on that shuttle and made it to the convention center a mere five minutes before the first session began.

“How Print Design is the Future of Interaction” was an interesting talk by Microsoft Creative Director Mike Kruzeniski that covered past trends in desktop, web and print design and how we can draw more from the principles of print design going forward.

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