Latest News

August 1, 2001
Well, we moved into our beautiful new home in Urbana (Frederick post office), Maryland on July 21. Moving really sucks, but it's nice to have a place to call "home" for once!

May 30, 2001
I've been working on my heavy metal site,, for some time now. There's a ton of stuff I'd still like to do, but while I'm developing the rest of the functionality I am updating news daily. So go check it out anyway.

Apr 16, 2001
I survived a flight back home on Friday the 13th as well as my marriage. The trip to Slovakia was very fun and getting married there was more memorable than I could have imagined. I'll post some pictures soon.

Mar 29, 2001
Today I depart to Slovakia, where I am marrying my fiancé in her home land. We are set to return on Friday the 13th, so if this is my last update, you know why...(or it could just be the lack of freedom due to married life :-o)

Nov 1, 2000
This site went live in its new look and layout. It's fairly simple, but has a cool DHTML menu and is ultra-scalable. I'll actually try to get more content posted than my resume!