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Held Hostage By Craptastic Comcast Service - "It's Craptastic!"

posted Apr 2, 2009 at 04:09:49 PM by Doug Gibson.

Sometimes life just throws all sorts of crap at you. I haven't updated this blog in months because work has been insane. On top of the laundry list of challenges in addition to the heavy work schedule since the start of this year, my Internet went down on Sunday, March 26. I had some issues with it dropping a week or so previous, but on this Sunday when I called Comcast customer service (twice, once that went on for half an hour to no avail), they claimed they had known outages and were working on it. When my service was still not restored on Monday the 27th, I called again and set up a service appointment. The earliest they could give me was Thursday, which I was pretty pissed off about already, but grudgingly accepted. A scheduling conflict became apparent and the next day I rescheduled for the later time slot (11-2) on that same Thursday.

Wednesday evening I got the confirmation call, which stated the correct time of the appointment for the following day. Late Wednesday night, Internet connectivity was restored, but I didn't trust it (because it had come and gone a few times in a matter of 15 minutes) and still planned for a technician to come out.

On Thursday my connection seemed ok until around lunch time. This would be perfect since the tech was supposed to arrive between 11am and 2pm - and for once, they could actually witness the problem instead of everything mysteriously working during that time...if they actually arrived. At five 'til two, I called Comcast to make sure they were coming, and it turns out they were not. They proceeded to tell me that a technician was out on Wednesday, and then changed the story to "I have no appointment in the system for you." So the lady whose voice is in the confirmation recordings must have called me up personally as an April fools gag, right? The service rep then proceeded to tell me that they have no openings and the earliest appointment they can give me is Sunday! Talking to a "supervisor" made no difference, and I suspected they just did the age old trick of passing the phone to the person next to them, who doesn't give a damn about you or Comcast service either. They are drones and talking to them only reinforced that, as claims of the ridiculousness of the situation and why I have to pay the price (in time wasted/lost) for the screw-up were dismissed in a monotonous droning voice over and over. Meanwhile I will be waiting a full week with mostly no Internet and substandard TV service (it's been breaking up and dropping sound on and off) before anyone will even come out and look at our issues. And chances are that they won't even be able to fix the problem, since my neighbors have been experiencing similar issues as well.

What more could I expect but the usual Craptastic service from Comcast? Don't even get me started on the number of times I was told that if I had upgraded to a business account I would have next-day service. Let's put this into perspective: if I were running a small office on a business account (as it's intended) and had 5-10 people lose a day of work due to a Comcast outage, that would still be unacceptable and I'd be paying much more for the service. There is no way to dress it up - Comcast's service sucks. If they did not have a monopoly in our area, I would drop them in a second - and I plan to the day Verizon gets FIOS service in here.

The bottom line is that - yes, losing Internet access sucks, especially when you telecommute and own a website that you need to maintain - but it's excrutiatingly frustrating when other people's incompetence makes life harder on you. And to top it off, they were unwilling to lift a finger to make things right. If there was any competition, Comcast would be gone. The service that we pay for from Comcast - both TV and Internet - is already obscenely overpriced. The customer service that they provide is a disgrace and completely unacceptable even if the service was free. To top it off, no one is accountable. If they were even accountable for their actions or serving customers, then the drone-like attitudes would be gone. In retrospect, it's pretty clear they don't care about a damn thing from "Hello." I guess I should have seen the rest coming then.

Comcast is a dinosaur that has long outlasted its time and deserves to be extinct. The more I read about Comcast's strong arm lobbying tactics as well as other underhanded tactics used in court, the more I realize that's the only reason they are still around - they spend all their effort protecting their monopoly, not pleasing their customers or tending to their network.

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1. Kearns writes:

Amen! I'm begrudgingly back on Comcast, and the install went smoothly by Comcast standards, which of course means it took way too long to set up and I had to talk to far too many people. So far so good, but perhaps only because I have 2 backups: T-Mobile WiFi and AT&T Wireless just to make sure if I lose Comcast I can still work...

# Apr 3, 2009 @ 10:06 AM ET | IP Logged
2. dgibson writes:

Yeah, I definitely am considering getting a 3G data plan that will back me up when Comcast goes down or I go on vacation. It's pretty pricey too though, especially to be backing up service that should be reliable in the first place.

# Apr 4, 2009 @ 9:03 AM ET | IP Logged

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