English to |337 (v1.0)

|337, also leet (pronounced 'leet') -
short for "elite" in gaming and hacker circles, and spotted in nearly every corner of online "culture."

Being "leet" is to be cool with your online buds. To be cool or elite, you must be able to write messages and chat in a confusing code that is quick to type and decipher (to those who can read leet), also known as leet-speak. In this code, many letters are replaced with numbers and ASCII characters that vaguely resemble the original letter, as you will see below.

Below is a simple javascript I wrote to translate English into leet.

True leetness requires more than knowing the "code," however; leet is an attitude, a state of mind. Leet is commonly combined with other forms of online speak, which contains words like "llama" and "pimp" (that's "||4/\/\4" and "p1/\/\p") that have different meanings than the accepted definitions. Even greater leetness can be acheived by replacing the ending "-er" with "x0r" (e.g. hack would be hax0r or |-|4><0r).

No effort has been made to creat an English-to-Leet translator, as there are various levels of "leetness" one can use in typing, making it difficult to translate using definitive algorithms.

Leet links coming soon.

* "Leet" is used in the above text in place of "|337" for readability only. The author of this page is, of course, a |337 |-|4><0r \/\/4|\||\|483.